Saturday, December 12, 2015

Random Funnel Seed Generator

With thanks to the DCCRPG google+ community, I present the Random Funnel Seed Generator. You might use this table to generate ideas for new funnel adventures for your players, or to create the backstory of a new 1st-level character joining the group, assuming they similarly went through a funnel experience "off-camera" (this is my intended use). For my first roll, I came up with a 1, 6, and 12, which gives me:

"A set of clones, created to ensure the survival of at least one copy, find themselves running out of food and supplies, threatening the mission. Out of desperation, the group enters an obvious Negadungeon, forever considered taboo by all who hold to the light. Though the peril was obvious, the group felt they could avoid catastrophe through their own cleverness. They thought the importance of the mission justified their actions. In the end, they unleashed an even greater evil upon the world than that which they hoped to avoid."


Roll Who? Where? What?
1 One of a set of clones created: (a) to ensure the survival of at least one; (b) in a magical accident; (c) as a disposable resource On a bizarre gameshow Guided/tormented by a psychotic AI
2 Street urchins of Ur-Hadad On a derelict spacestation Following an ancient prophecy
3 Desperate slaves, waiting for a lucky break Trapped in a cave system Dinner murder mystery
4 Hopefuls trying out for the circus Lost on an alien planet Hunted for sport by: (a) a rich noble; (b) an advanced alien hunter; (c) unsympathetic humanoids; (d) mutated hillbillies; (e) masked slasher killer
5 Amnesiacs - "Where am I? Who am I?" Out of gas in the middle of nowhere. "Did you hear that?" Doppelganger parasites
6 Group volunteers for a medical experiment Running out of food and supplies. Won't make it much longer. Overrun by giant insects/animals created by: (a) a careless wizard; (b) nuclear radiation; (c) accidentally released from a land of giants
7 Religious heretics, pursued by the Law-Givers of Justicia Ghost Ship/Ship of the Damned/Ship to Hell Oh god no! Not the Pig-Men!
8 Traveling minstrels Woken from Cryosleep Battle to stop the emergence of a Chaos Lord
9 Miners, working for hazard pay Arctic science station Guided by the spirit/hologram of a long dead wizard
10 A group of overmatched pest exterminators Trade outpost out in the boonies The perfect heist gone wrong
11 Lunatics in an asylum Extra-planar battle arena Undead barbarian raiders, "recruiting" the strongest to their army
12 Convicts, scheduled to hang The House on the Hill Entered the Negadungeon, ignored all the warning signs, unleashed a plague on humanity
13 Deserting soldiers, looking for a place to hide Consciousness downloaded into automatons/androids Forced on a mission to rescue the Princess. The Princess is: (a) undead; (b) a willing captive; (c) a robot agent; (d) a grave threat to humanity; (e) currently waging a guerrilla war on her captors
14 Prisoners of war, seeking escape before their inevitable death Solar/Lunar Eclipse "The doctors[/orderlies/servants/guards/children] have been changed into something else, you have to believe me!!"
15 Bored, precocious residents of the Sunset Valley Home for Decrepit Oldsters Ice bridge, three miles long Deathtrap dungeon engineered by Garvin Richrom/The GearMaster
16 Suicide squad offered a chance at redemption Creepy gothic hospital The summoned evil must be bound again, before it's too late. Summoned by: (a) stupid college kids; (b) cultists; (c) one ostracized and forgotten, seeking revenge
17 Imposter heroes (con-men) Shipwrecked on an island paradise Unexpected run in with the undead spider demigod Izzgozz
18 The most ordinary of ordinary peasants Returning from a long voyage, happy to see home again Everyone has mysteriously vanished. Cause: (a) zombie plague; (b) body snatchers; (c) profane flesh golem, as big as a house; (d) Mental domination by the Old Ones; (e) Carnivorous plants that don't leave a trace; (f) hiding from something much, much worse
19 Inheritors of the black sheep's estate Sleepy village in a secluded valley. Everyone seems almost a little too nice Groundhog's Day infinite time loop. For time taken to break out of loop, roll 2d6: (1) 1 day; (2-3) 1 week; (4-6) 1 month; (7-9) 1 year; (10-11) 5 years; (12) 100 years
20 Farmers with failing crops Following an ancient, unreliable map Taken/held captive. Captors are: (a) killed during the prisoners' escape; (b) disabled by natural forces, forcing the prisoners to fight for survival; (c) killed by a stronger force, which the prisoners must deal with