Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Little Light Reading: Sylle Ru's Bookshelf

  1. An Illustrated History of the Western Moorlands
  2. Blackwell's Dieties and Demigods
  3. Astral Travel and You: How to Really Go There!
  4. Artefacts of Yore
  5. The Mystic Ways of the Savage Kings
  6. Property Records - Hirot - 1029-1456
  7. Mortimer's Style and Usage
  8. The Hymns of Justicia, First Collection
  9. The Passions of the Countess (currently banned by royal edict)
  10. Desmond's Almanac
  11. The Thirteen Prophecies of Gurble the Goatherd
  12. A Farewell to Wands
  13. The Tiger and the Setting Sun: A Gazetteer of Punjar
  14. The 44 Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  15. Gisby's Primer - Succession and Inheritance
  16. Gisby's Primer - Fealty and Taxation
  17. Gisby's Law Dictionary
  18. The Diamond Road: Opening the Third Eye
  19. The Grim Tarot
  20. Ley Lines of the Northern Climes