Sunday, November 29, 2015

Disapproval Table: The Carnifex

The Carnifex embraces suffering and the transience of the mortal coil, and exalts death as a release from the agony of life.

Unholy: Undead, necromancers, those who artificially prolong life, those who hide from suffering.

Healing: Clerics of the Carnifex heal by consuming small amounts of the subject's total life force, resulting in a shorter lifespan.

Unless noted otherwise, all effects last until disapproval is reset.

Disapproval Table For The Carnifex

  1. Meditation: The cleric feels an emptiness where The Carnifex should be, and loses all spellcasting ability until he spends one hour in meditation.  After reflection, the cleric realizes that the emptiness is the truth of his own mortal existence.  The cleric receives +2 to his next spell check.
  2. The Pin Prick That Tests The Faith: The Carnifex reminds the cleric that everything accomplished in the mortal realm is done so through suffering. The casting of every spell causes 1 point of damage per spell level.  Healing and turning count as first level spells.
  3. Minor Flesh Wasting Disease: The Carnifex teaches the cleric not to rely on the strength of his own body, which is merely a failed device.  The caster suffers one point of strength, agility, and stamina loss, which heal normally.
  4. True Sight: The Carnifex gives the cleric a wonderful gift, allowing him to see the world as she does. All humanoids appear as walking corpses, swarming with worms and maggots.  -4 to any reaction checks.
  5. Bloody Stigmata: The Carnifex caresses the cleric's form, causing 1d6 damage as bloody stigmata erupts across his body.  The stigmata will never drop the cleric below 1 hp, and always leaves a permanent scar.  The  Carnifex will not allow for this blessing to be magically healed.
  6. Silence... The Carnifex grows weary of the cleric's constant cries for aid.  The cleric feels the Carnifex's terrible hand close about his throat.  The cleric cannot speak above a whisper, suffering a -1 to spellchecks.
  7. The Fire of the Blood: The cleric feels the burning love of the Carnifex surge through his body. Blood droplets begin to fly from the cleric's eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and fingernails, causing 1d4 damage.  As each droplet lands on the ground it catches fire.  This is likely to cause one or more uncontrolled fires in the cleric's immediate area and potentially catch nearby individuals on fire, DC 10 reflex save to avoid.
  8. The Cost of Power: The Carnifex teaches the cleric that true power comes from sacrifice. The cleric ages one year for every spell level cast.
  9. Eyes of Blood: The Carnifex reminds the cleric not to revere the mortal world. Blood seeps from the cleric's eyes, blinding him to the physical world, but allowing him to see the world of the spirit. When fighting enemies possessed of a soul, the cleric does not suffer a penalty to hit.
  10. Test of Pain: "You humans complain about the pain I cause you. I have only ever given you just enough pain. After this test, you shall be grateful to me and understand my mercy so much better." Discomfort causes pain and pain causes agony.  When hit in melee, the caster must make a DC 10 will save or go unconscious for 1d3 turns.  In addition, all attacks do double damage, with the additional damage as subdual damage. The cleric may be required to make an appropriate will save if he willingly decides to undertake a course of action that would cause significant pain.
  11. Crush the Enemies of the Faith: The Carnifex causes several undead (Judge's discretion) to be brought into the area of the cleric - the cleric is charged with their destruction. Failure to carry out this duty results in a loss of spellcasting ability for 1d6 days.
  12. Watch The World Burn: The Carnifex commands the cleric to burn away 40% of his material wealth, so that it may benefit no one.  Until the cleric solemnly swears this oath, he shall suffer a -4 to his spellchecks.  Failure to follow the oath shall be punished severely.
  13. Major Flesh Wasting Disease: The Carnifex delights in wasting the physical form of the cleric, showing him how fragile his life has always been.  What has been given can always be taken away.  The cleric suffers three points of temporary strength, agility, and stamina damage, which heal normally.
  14. Test of Painlessness: "Know, my beloved disciple,, that pain is a teacher and has its use.  Do not run from it - embrace it as yet another of my dark gifts." The cleric cannot feel pain or discomfort of any kind.  The Judge should make a note of the player's current HP, and until the test is passed, the Judge will not tell the player of any HP changes or any other effects that rely on the ability to sense pain.
  15. Quest: The cleric must agree to a quest to humble one who has mocked death. Until actively on the quest, the cleric suffers a -2 to all spellchecks.
  16. The Test of Aging: "I shall give you a wonderous gift. Know that no mortal shall live forever. When you die, I shall come for you and take you into my embrace." The cleric's body is withered into old age (70 for humans), suffering all appropriate limitations and penalties.  The cleric then ages backwards, 10 years for every day for humans (or a similarly appropriate period for demihumans), slowly regaining their strength and vitality.
  17. The Balance of Life and Death: For a period of 1d3 days, the cleric's healing power becomes the power to transfer the harm suffered by others to himself. As such, the cleric cannot heal himself.
  18. Critical Flesh Wasting Disease: The cleric rots from within. The Carnifex favors one who has suffered so much in her name.  +1 to luck, -6 to strength, agility, and stamina, healing as normal.
  19. Pieces of You: The Carnifex helps the cleric not to rely on the body but the soul. She permanently takes a sliver of the cleric's vital essence, but whispers an impossible secret in his ear. 1d3 permanent loss of points from physical attributes, chosen randomly. After a full day of meditation, the cleric has grasped a small aspect of the Carnifex and may be prepared to write a useful treatise for worshippers of the goddess. The cleric gains +1 to personality.
  20. Join Me, My Darling: The Carnifex stops time and personally comes to take the cleric to her home plane, lovingly torturing him for a period of 1d3+1 years.  During this time the cleric ages normally. The cleric is then returned to the moment he was taken from. The cleric makes a DC 13 will save - if successful, the cleric comes to better understand the nature of existence and gains a +1 to personality.  If not, the cleric suffers 1d8 temporary Personality damage from the madness caused by these ministrations.