Sunday, November 29, 2015

Disapproval Table: The Carnifex

The Carnifex embraces suffering and the transience of the mortal coil, and exalts death as a release from the agony of life.

Unholy: Undead, necromancers, those who artificially prolong life, those who hide from suffering.

Healing: Clerics of the Carnifex heal by consuming small amounts of the subject's total life force, resulting in a shorter lifespan.

Unless noted otherwise, all effects last until disapproval is reset.

Disapproval Table For The Carnifex

  1. Meditation: The cleric feels an emptiness where The Carnifex should be, and loses all spellcasting ability until he spends one hour in meditation.  After reflection, the cleric realizes that the emptiness is the truth of his own mortal existence.  The cleric receives +2 to his next spell check.
  2. The Pin Prick That Tests The Faith: The Carnifex reminds the cleric that everything accomplished in the mortal realm is done so through suffering. The casting of every spell causes 1 point of damage per spell level.  Healing and turning count as first level spells.
  3. Minor Flesh Wasting Disease: The Carnifex teaches the cleric not to rely on the strength of his own body, which is merely a failed device.  The caster suffers one point of strength, agility, and stamina loss, which heal normally.
  4. True Sight: The Carnifex gives the cleric a wonderful gift, allowing him to see the world as she does. All humanoids appear as walking corpses, swarming with worms and maggots.  -4 to any reaction checks.

Friday, November 27, 2015

DCC Without Character Alignment

This post will outline one possible method for running DCC without character alignment.  I'm sure there are many other ways to do this.  And as always, everyone is free to run their game any way they want.  Hopefully this is helpful to some.


Mongol General:  "Conan!  What is best in life?"
Conan:  "To crush your enemies.  See them driven before you.  And to hear the lamentations of the women."
Mongol General:  "That is good!  That is good!"
-Conan the Barbarian

Leeloo:  "Everything you create, you use to destroy."
Korben Dallas:  "Yeah, we call that human nature."
-The Fifth Element

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Magic Item: The Amulet of Echoes

This amulet allows the wearer to speak in the voice of another person or creature for one day if a fresh drop of their blood is applied to the surface. This could happen by accident, in battle or otherwise.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A New OSR Blog

Greetings, friend, and welcome.

I have started a blog.  I will be posting mainly about my interest in rpgs, particularly systems of the OSR including DCC, Labyrinth Lord, and LotFP.